Potterne Young Learners’ Partnership

For villages to survive as true communities there needs to be strong involvement by and support from villagers for the amenities, organisations and events that are available or on offer. The dynamics and variety of village life will vary from village to village, but in Potterne there are a number of amenities, organisations and events which could be in danger of being lost, disbanded or wiped off the annual calendar, if they are not utilised by the villagers themselves.

The slogan “use it or lose it” was coined to focus on the plight of rural post offices and all will be familiar with this phrase. But it applies equally to our other amenities, clubs, organisations and regular events. On-going and continuing support for these is vital, in order that the life of an active village can be sustained. This is particular applicable regarding the facilities provided for the young of the village – our future generation and residents.

Potterne Young Learners Partnership brings together leaders and teachers from the Baby & Toddler Group, Bright Sparks Pre-School and Five Lanes Primary School with the common aim of providing the best facilities and educational environment for all children aged 0 to 11 in Potterne. We are pooling our ideas and resources to ensure these facilities remain a vibrant part of village life, giving our youngsters the chance to grow up in a supportive environment as valued members of the community.

We are lucky in Potterne to have three thriving organisations where children from birth to eleven years can:

  • become part of the community
  • build and develop friendships
  • learn in creative and caring environments
  • feel safe and secure, enjoying continuity in their early years
Yes, in Potterne we have a true partnership for the youngsters of the village. Please support your local:
  • Baby & Toddler Group
  • Bright Sparks Pre-School
  • Five Lanes Primary School
Although the above groups are currently blessed with sufficient numbers to remain viable, all need to be vigilant in attracting “new blood”, in order to keep the amenities alive.

The Potterne Young Learners’ Partnership is:

  • Committed to providing the best facilities and educational environment for learning and play for all children
  • Passionate about building relationships with the community as a whole
  • Engaged in forging links between the three groups and pooling our resources to provide continuity and familiarity
  • Enthusiastic about fostering relationships between groups and families in Potterne and the surrounding areas
  • Able to provide information for families about the opportunities for education within their village
  • Eager to provide facilities, which the people of Potterne can take pride in and be involved with.

Contacts are:

Baby & Toddler Group
Bright Sparks
Five Lanes Primary School